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Artwork Transportation Services

Our artwork transportation services are designed to surpass the boundaries of conventional logistics. It’s not just about moving pieces from one place to another but ensuring a safe and respectful journey for the most exquisite artworks.

We provide comprehensive solutions that address the unique complexities of art transportation. With specialized packaging, highly trained professionals, and cutting-edge technology, we offer peace of mind to artists, galleries, and collectors, allowing them to transport their art anywhere in the world worry-free.

Highlighted Artwork Transportation Services

How do we do it? This is how our artwork transportation service works


1. Customized Assessment

We initiate each project with a personalized assessment of the artworks to be transported. Our team of experts examines the dimensions, fragility, and specific needs of each piece to design a tailored transportation plan.

2. Document Management for Transportation
We handle the complete documentation, from detailed inventories to certificates of authenticity. This documentation is crucial for the traceability and transportation of artworks, and it also facilitates customs procedures if necessary.


3. Specialized Packaging

We employ specialized packaging techniques and materials for each artwork. From custom-made crates to padded materials, we ensure that each piece is optimally protected against impacts, vibrations, and temperature changes.

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4. Integral Logistics

We plan the comprehensive logistics of transportation, considering routes, modes of transportation, and customs requirements if necessary. Our goal is to ensure that the artworks reach their destination safely and on time, whether it’s locally or internationally.

5. Artwork Installation

We have a highly trained team for the installation of artworks at their final destination. This team handles the artworks with care and precision, ensuring they are placed according to the client’s specifications.

6. Post-Transport Audit

We conduct a post-transport audit to ensure that all artworks arrive in optimal conditions. Any potential issues are addressed immediately, and we ensure that the delivery meets the client’s expectations

Why Choose Bitácora for Artwork Transportation Services?

Choosing Bitácora for artwork transportation means entrusting your precious collections to a company dedicated to preserving their integrity and artistic value. Backed by a solid track record and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we provide peace of mind to our clients, ensuring their artworks are handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Complementary services to the transport service of works of art

Exhibition Assembly

We collaborate closely with curators and artists to create impactful exhibition experiences. From design planning to installation, we take care of every detail to highlight the uniqueness of each artwork.


Museum Project Development

Bitácora leads museum projects from conception to implementation. We collaborate closely with our clients to design and execute exhibitions, optimizing space and providing a unique experience for visitors.


Temperature-Controlled Storage

We have specialized facilities for temperature-controlled storage, ensuring an optimal environment for the preservation of artworks, valuable documents, and delicate objects.