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International Pet Transportation

We facilitate the removal of your pets internationally. Our transportation services ensure that your furry friends receive the same level of attention and care that you provide at home. We address the challenges associated with international pet transportation, providing solutions that ensure their well-being and your peace of mind throughout the process.

We tailor our services to meet your specific needs. From managing customs procedures to coordinating logistics, we take care of every detail so you can enjoy the company of your pets anywhere in the world.

Highlighted Services for International Pet Transportation

How do we do it? This is how our pet transportation services work


1. Initial Consultation

Begin your experience with us by scheduling an initial consultation. During this session, we will discuss the details of the trip, your pet’s specific needs, and address all your questions. This allows us to customize the transportation plan according to your pet’s individual requirements.

2. Document Evaluation

We gather and assess all the necessary documents to meet the import requirements of the destination country. This includes health certificates, vaccination records, and any other required documents. Our team will handle all the bureaucratic procedures and coordinate the acquisition of necessary permits.

3. Route and Transportation Method Selection

Based on the origin and destination locations, as well as your pet’s specific needs, we select the safest and most efficient route. Additionally, we determine the most suitable transportation method, whether by air or land, always ensuring the comfort and well-being of your pet.

4. Preparation and Conditioning

We provide crates and specialized equipment tailored to the dimensions and needs of your pet. We prepare your furry friend for the journey, ensuring they are comfortable and familiarized with their transportation environment.

5. Health and Wellness Services

Our veterinary team conducts a thorough health check before the journey to ensure your pet is in optimal health condition. Throughout the trip, their well-being is continuously monitored, and specialized attention is provided if necessary.

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6. Logistics Coordination

We handle all logistical details of the journey, from pickup at your home to delivery at the final destination. We coordinate with airlines, ground transportation companies, and customs authorities to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition.

Why Choose Bitácora for International Pet Transport Services?

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We Transport Animals Wherever You Need

Whatever your destination, we can assist you with the transportation of your pet. Working with IPATA agents at your destination, we can make deliveries to the country of your choice.
In Spain, we can handle airport pickup, customs clearance, and delivery to the city you specify.

Areas of Operation:

  • Arganda del Rey, Madrid
  • Madrid capital and Airport, Barcelona Airoport
  • Salamanca, Valencia

Shipping Pets via Air Cargo

Some pets, such as rabbits, ferrets, horses, birds, dogs marked as PPP (Potentially Dangerous Pets), brachycephalic animals, and other species, cannot be transported on commercial flights. In these cases, the international shipment of the pet is done via air cargo. We work with airlines, customs brokers, veterinarians, and IPATA agents for the successful transportation of your animals.