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Employee Moving Services in Madrid

At Bitácora Mobility, we understand that employee moves require meticulous planning and impeccable execution. We focus on facilitating the transition of employees to their new locations in Madrid, offering comprehensive solutions from the beginning to the final installation. We excel in logistics coordination, specialized packaging of sensitive equipment, and efficient time management, ensuring that employees can maintain continuity in their work activities without major interruptions.

We address logistical challenges and minimize the impact on their daily work, allowing them to focus on continuing to contribute to the success of their company.

We offer you a moving experience designed to exceed your expectations. From specialized equipment management to personalized attention at each stage of the process, our services provide peace of mind and efficiency to employees, guaranteeing a smooth transition to their new locations in Madrid.

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How do we do it? This is how we operate with our employee moving service in Madrid

At Bitácora Mobility, we have the perfect plan for your employee move to Madrid. We are committed to providing a relocation process tailored to your needs, minimizing any disruption to your operations and ensuring a stress-free move.


1. Initial evaluation

At Bitácora Mobility, we begin your employee move with a thorough evaluation of your needs. We are committed to offering you a relocation process tailored to your specific requirements, to ensure a smooth transition and a successful change in your business.

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2. Employee move planning

At Bitácora Mobility, we develop a personalized transfer plan that is specifically adapted to the needs of your team. Using the information obtained during the initial assessment, we create a detailed plan that includes resource allocation, a detailed schedule, and any additional services required, such as specialized packaging or waste management. We make sure to cover all the details for a hassle-free move for your team.


3. Expert packaging and secure labeling

Our dedicated team is responsible for securely packing and carefully labeling all items that will be moved. We use high-quality packaging materials and specialized techniques to ensure optimal protection of corporate assets during transport. Trust us to take care of your belongings throughout the entire moving process.

4. Transportation and coordination

We have specialized transport fleets at our disposal for office moves in Madrid, ensuring safety and punctuality in delivery. A coordinator meticulously oversees the process, providing regular reports, troubleshooting any issues that arise, and ensuring a smooth transition.


5. Disassembly and assembly

If necessary, our team is responsible for disassembling and assembling furniture and equipment in the new facilities, ensuring that everything is correctly configured and works properly.

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6. Delivery and final review

We complete the process by delivering your assets to the new facilities. We perform a final check to ensure that everything is correctly located and in perfect condition.

Why choose Bitácora for corporate moving services to Madrid?

Complementary services for employee removals in Madrid

Government removals

Bitácora Mobility is familiar with the challenges and particularities of government transfers. We collaborate closely with government institutions to ensure efficient and safe transfer processes. Thanks to our extensive experience in managing large projects, we can provide customized solutions that meet the specific needs of the public sector, ensuring a smooth transition.

Private removals

At Bitácora Mobility, we understand the different needs that may arise in the field of removals, which is why we provide services adapted to both government sector clients and private clients. Our experience and commitment are not limited only to public sector removals, but also cover removals for private clients.

We provide personalized solutions to move your residence, office or any personal space, always maintaining the highest standards of quality and care. From specialized packaging to secure transportation, our team is prepared to make your private move a hassle-free experience.

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Experts with more than half a century of experience

The transfer of employees demands a high level of experience and professionalism due to the complexity of the processes involved, ranging from land, air and sea transportation to the management of transit times, customs procedures and specific requirements of each country.

What services are necessary for an employee move in Madrid?

The services required during the move of employees in Madrid vary depending on the type of company and the nature of its activity. In some cases, it will simply be necessary to transport office furniture and workstations, while in other cases it may be necessary to transport specialized equipment such as technical laboratory equipment or heavy machinery.

Varieties of employee removals that we carry out in Madrid

  • Educational centers such as schools, institutes and other educational institutions.
  • Medical institutions such as laboratories, hospitals and clinics.
  • Conservation establishments such as libraries and archives.
  • Government bodies such as town halls and buildings
  • Companies of different sizes, from small to large
  • Commercial premises and retail stores.
  • Industrial spaces such as warehouses and industrial warehouses.