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Transportation and Tracking of your removal

Once the packaging and preparation of all the moving belongings is completed, we proceed with the international transportation to the destination of your belongings. Throughout the entire process, we maintain constant monitoring of the cargo to guarantee its safety and punctuality in delivery.

Our logistics team closely monitors each stage of transportation, coordinating loading and unloading schedules and managing any eventuality that may arise along the way. We provide regular updates to our clients to keep them informed of the progress of their move and quickly respond to any questions or concerns they may have.

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Price of a removal from Madrid to Europe

The price of a removal from Madrid will depend on the characteristics of the project: use of elevators, parking, collection and delivery costs, distance between the cities of origin and destination, transportation expenses, etc.

Below, we show an approximate price list of removals from Madrid to the main cities in Europe:

Destination of the removal20 m330 m3
Removal from Madrid to Rome 5.683 €6.275 €
Removal from Madrid to Berlin5.114 €6.028 €
Removal from Madrid to Amsterdam4.842 €5.462 €
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How do we handle your international removal in Madrid?

  1. Telephone contact and assessment of client’s needs.
  2. Home visit to assess the task and inventory.
  3. Preparation of the quote, considering different options, offering various alternatives in volume, dates, and services to be hired.
  4. Organization of the removal (dates, equipment, etc.).
  5. Packing of belongings, collection, and loading onto trucks.
  6. Transfer to warehouses in Madrid, Barcelona, or Valencia.
  7. Departure to destination by road or sea.
  8. Confirmation of arrival at the destination country.
  9. Coordination with agents at the destination (customs agent, carriers).
  10. Delivery of the removal at the destination.
  11. Assembly and installation of furniture and belongings.
  12. Closure of the removal project (validation and surveys).
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Reception and Unpacking at the Destination

Once the cargo arrives at its international destination, our team is in charge of coordinating the reception and unpacking process. We work closely with local agents to ensure smooth delivery and rapid clearance of goods through customs, if the moving destination is outside the European Union.

Our professionals take care of unpacking the objects and placing them in the place designated by the client, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition to their new home.

Packaging and Protection of Moving Belongings

Proper packaging of belongings is essential to ensure their safety during international transport. We use high-quality packaging materials, such as sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and protective blankets, to ensure that items reach their destination in optimal condition. We meticulously sort and label each item for easy identification and handling during the loading and unloading process.

In addition to packaging, we offer additional protection services, such as extended merchandise insurance, to give our customers peace of mind in case of any eventuality during transport. Our team of trained professionals handles belongings with the utmost care, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring a worry-free moving experience for our clients.

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International removals in Madrid

From our central offices in the Community of Madrid, we manage national and international removals from Spain and Europe to anywhere in the world.

We work with international agents to carry out removals from Spain to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, as well as regional agents in Europe to carry out our removals to France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and of course, also to the United Kingdom.

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How we plan your international move

Before beginning the moving process, it is essential to evaluate the specific needs of each client. This includes determining the volume of goods to be transported, the destinations involved (the physical location of the homes).

Once the details of the transfer of your belongings, vehicles and/or pets have been established, we proceed with the management of the necessary documents for international transport, including import and export permits, if necessary.

During this stage, it is essential to maintain fluid communication with the client to keep them informed of progress and address any concerns that may arise.


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