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At Bitácora Mobility, excellence is our standard and goal. With a legacy of outstanding services in relocations, transportation of artworks, and comprehensive management solutions, we take pride in being the leading group in the mobility industry in Spain.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to making each relocation process an impeccable experience. Each of the companies within the Bitácora Group – Transportes Ordax, Feltrero Arte, and Mudinmar Mobility – brings its expertise and specialization to offer personalized solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.

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Bitácora Mobility is a business group of three leading companies, each with a rich history in their respective sector. Specifically, Mudinmar Mobility (national and international relocations), Transportes Ordax (specialized transportation and storage), and Feltrero Arte (museum project management).


After years of studying and understanding the needs of our clients: families, individuals, corporate employees, government officials, ambassadors, diplomats, art galleries, and other stakeholders; we have joined forces to address a wide range of logistical needs, international mobility, comprehensive management, and transportation.