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Art Services

At Bitácora Mobility, our Art Services are conceived as a comprehensive set of solutions for the art world. Our art transportation service ensures safe and careful handling, minimizing the risks of damage or deterioration during transit. Additionally, we specialize in exhibition assembly, providing an expert team that takes care of the optimal arrangement of artworks to achieve a striking and coherent presentation.

Our commitment to museum projects sets us apart, addressing every detail from planning to execution, ensuring that the visitor’s experience is enriching and memorable. Regarding temperature-controlled storage, we provide an ideal environment to preserve the integrity of artworks, controlling climatic conditions to prevent possible damage. These services not only facilitate the logistics of art but also guarantee the protection and proper appreciation of each piece, meeting the specific needs of artists, galleries, and museums.

Our art services

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Art-related services



Our comprehensive range of logistics services covers land, sea, and air transportation, adapting to the specificities of cargo and destination. We design personalized distribution strategies to optimize the supply chain and improve delivery times. We have secure storage facilities and manage inventories to ensure the accessibility and safety of products. We streamline customs procedures with experts who ensure impeccable regulatory compliance in import and export operations. Through our comprehensive range of logistics services, we combine synergies to optimize each stage of the supply chain, turning logistical challenges into growth opportunities for our clients.


Facility services

Our auxiliary services simplify internal management, from receptionists to access control and internal logistics. We maintain image and well-being with cleaning services, including building maintenance, window cleaning, and specific treatments. We enhance outdoor spaces with garden design and pool maintenance. Additionally, we ensure operational efficiency with preventive and corrective maintenance services, covering everything from painting to air conditioning. By choosing our Facility Services, you centralize the management of your workspace, streamlining processes and ensuring an optimal and efficient work environment.


Global mobility

We facilitate the relocation of employees through comprehensive relocation services. We also offer advice and management of immigration processes, ensuring compliance with legal requirements. For those traveling with furry companions, we take care of the safe and comfortable transportation of pets. Additionally, we simplify the importation of vehicles, managing customs and logistical procedures for your convenience.