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Exhibition Design, Production, and Assembly Services

At Bitácora, we understand that a successful exhibition requires not only exceptional art but also impeccable execution. Our exhibition design, production, and assembly services address every aspect of the creative process. From conceptual design to production and final arrangement, we are committed to turning your artistic vision into a tangible reality. By providing comprehensive solutions, we tackle logistical and technical challenges, allowing you to focus on artistic expression while we take care of the details to ensure that your exhibition is impactful and memorable.

With years of experience in the art industry, our highly skilled team ensures excellence in every aspect of exhibition design, production, and assembly. We adapt to the specific needs of each project, working closely with you to ensure that your vision is understood and realized. Whether it’s a temporary, permanent, or traveling exhibition, our services aim to exceed expectations, providing artists and curators with the confidence that their work will be presented in a striking and captivating manner.

Highlighted Exhibition Design, Production, and Assembly Services

How do we do it? This is how our exhibition design, production, and assembly service works

This process ensures the creation of memorable artistic exhibitions, where each artwork finds its place in an environment designed to captivate and excite the audience.


1.Initial Meeting and Conceptualization

It all starts with a meeting to understand the client’s vision, their objectives, and the artworks to be exhibited. Our team delves into the conceptual world to create a design that reflects the essence and narrative of the exhibition.

2. Design and Approval

We transform ideas into a striking design. We present conceptual proposals to the client and make adjustments based on their feedback. Design approval is crucial before moving on to the production phase.


3. Technical and Artistic Production

With the approved design, we begin technical production. We use advanced technologies to ensure faithful reproduction and artistic quality of each artwork. Attention to detail is paramount to capture the original essence.

4. Logistics and Transportation

We coordinate the complete logistics, from packaging the artworks to transporting them to the exhibition venue. We guarantee the integrity of each piece, handling all logistical aspects to alleviate concerns

5. Assembly and Exhibition

Our team takes care of arranging the artworks in the exhibition space. Each piece is placed to maximize its visual impact and ensure coherence with the conceptual design.

6. Lighting and Final Adjustments

We design custom lighting systems to enhance the beauty and details of each artwork. We adjust the lighting according to the final arrangement, ensuring that the visual experience is captivating and unique.

Why Choose Bitácora for Exhibition Design, Production, and Assembly Services?

Servicios complementarios al servicio de diseño, producción y montaje de exposiciones

transporte camion

Transporte de obras de arte

Nuestro servicio de transporte de obras de arte garantiza la seguridad y la integridad de las piezas, con soluciones personalizadas para cada obra, desde embalaje especializado hasta monitoreo en tiempo real.


Desarrollo de proyectos museísticos

Bitácora lidera proyectos museísticos desde su concepción hasta la implementación. Colaboramos estrechamente con nuestros clientes para diseñar y ejecutar exposiciones, optimizando el espacio y proporcionando una experiencia única a los visitantes.


Almacenaje a temperatura controlada

Contamos con instalaciones especializadas para el almacenamiento a temperatura controlada, asegurando un entorno óptimo para la conservación de obras de arte, documentos valiosos y objetos delicados.