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Governmental removal Services

Bitácora Mobility is the result of the merger of three industry leaders: Transportes Ordax, Feltrero Arte, and Mudinmar Mobility. With over three decades of combined experience, Bitácora Mobility has positioned itself as a specialized mobility group in facilitating governmental removals both nationally and internationally.

We stand out for offering tailored solutions to the complexities of governmental removals. From embassy transfers to the removal of official institutions and armed forces, we approach each project with precision and care. Our dedication, backed by international agreements and a specialized approach, ensures the execution of governmental removals by air, sea, and land.

Highlighted Governmental removal Services

Learn about the process of governmental removal.

Our work process is designed to provide you with peace of mind at every phase of your governmental removal, ensuring a smooth transition for government personnel and material equipment of institutions that need to be moved to a new destination.

1. Governmental removal Quote

We conduct an initial consultation to understand the details of your governmental removal. Subsequently, we provide a detailed quote that covers all requirements, from government certificates to the quantity of cubic meters allocated to you.


2. Packing and Collection

 Our team of technicians handles the packing and collection of your governmental removal within the agreed timeframe. We utilize customized packing materials to guarantee the safety of your removal, ensuring its good condition during transportation.

3. Transportation Selection

We choose the best mode of transportation for your governmental removal. From air options to land and sea routes, we offer various alternatives to ensure your removal travels in the safest, fastest, and most efficient manner.

4. Document Management

We take care of gathering all necessary documents required by the Administration. From final service certificates to customs clearances, we ensure that all documents are in order for your governmental removal.

5. Certification and Customs Clearance

We conclude the process with the final service certification and customs clearance management. Every detail is verified and documented to justify the successful completion of your governmental removal.

6. Post-removal Follow-up

Our commitment to service quality continues with post-removal follow-up. We ensure that your governmental move is satisfactory by addressing your inquiries and handling any additional needs that may arise.

Why choose Bitácora for your governmental removal?

Other moving services

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Private removals

At Bitácora Mobility, we understand that moving needs can vary, which is why we offer tailored services for both governmental and private sectors. Our expertise and commitment extend not only to governmental removals but also to removals for private clients. We provide customized solutions to move your home, office, or any personal space with the same quality and attention. From specialized packaging to secure transportation, our team is ready to make your private removal a hassle-free experience.


Corporate removals

Beyond our solutions for governmental removals, we offer services for businesses looking to relocate their headquarters, offices, or commercial facilities. From packaging and transportation of sensitive equipment to the management of commercial documents, we take care of every step of the process for moving the offices of your institution (academic centers, laboratories, libraries, municipalities, shops, companies, warehouses…).