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Controlled Temperature Storage Services

Our controlled temperature storage services are designed to meet the special conservation demands of art, sensitive documents, and valuable objects. We offer climate-controlled spaces where temperature and humidity are precisely controlled, ensuring an optimal environment for preservation.

From artworks to historical items, our controlled temperature storage provides peace of mind to owners seeking maximum protection for their belongings. With advanced technology and attention to detail, we are committed to safeguarding cultural and artistic heritage with utmost excellence.

Highlighted Controlled Temperature Storage Services

How We Do It: This is How Our Controlled Temperature Storage Service Works

This process ensures that entrusted objects are handled with the utmost care and maintained in optimal conditions throughout the storage period.

1. Specialized Reception

We begin our service with a specialized reception of the objects to be stored. This involves a thorough review to ensure they meet the requirements for controlled temperature storage.


2. Packaging and Labeling

We perform careful and appropriate packaging for each item. Each object is clearly and precisely labeled, facilitating identification and tracking throughout its stay in our facilities.

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3. System Registration

Each item is registered in our management system, including specific details such as required temperature conditions, expected storage duration, and any special client instructions.

4. Secure Storage

We place the objects in designated areas with precise temperature control. Our facilities feature advanced technology to maintain optimal conditions and provide maximum security.

5. Continuous Monitoring

We implement continuous monitoring, overseeing temperature and humidity in real-time. Any deviation from pre-established conditions triggers immediate alerts for swift intervention.

6.Controlled Access

Access to controlled temperature storage areas is strictly controlled. Only authorized personnel can access these areas, ensuring the security and integrity of the stored objects.

Why Choose Bitácora for Controlled Temperature Storage Services?

Complementary Services to Controlled Temperature Storage

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Artwork Transportation

Our artwork transportation service ensures the safety and integrity of the pieces, with customized solutions for each artwork, from specialized packaging to real-time monitoring.


Exhibition Assembly

We work closely with curators and artists to create impactful exhibition experiences. From design planning to installation, we carefully attend to every detail to highlight the uniqueness of each artwork.


Museum Project Development

Bitácora leads museum projects from conception to implementation. We collaborate closely with our clients to design and execute exhibitions, optimizing space and providing a unique experience to visitors.