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Storage Services

Bitácora Mobility offers storage services designed to optimize inventory management and provide comprehensive solutions to our clients. Our facilities, equipped with advanced technology, ensure not only adequate physical space but also a secure environment for your products. We implement advanced inventory management systems that adapt to changes in market demand, ensuring an agile response to your needs.

Additionally, we offer adaptable and scalable spaces, providing the flexibility to adjust capacity according to your specific requirements. Security and rigorous control are prioritized, with measures ranging from surveillance systems to access procedures, ensuring the integrity and protection of your inventories. At Bitácora Mobility, we don’t just store products; we store trust and peace of mind for your supply chain.

Highlighted storage services

How do we do it? This is how our storage service works

At Bitácora Mobility, our storage management follows a meticulous process to ensure a comprehensive service tailored to the needs of each client. Here’s how we operate.


1. Needs Analysis

We start with a detailed analysis of your specific requirements. We understand the nature of your products, the required storage volumes, and any particular logistical requirements.


2. Custom Storage Design

Based on the analysis, we design a customized storage solution. This includes space allocation, inventory management systems, and appropriate security measures.

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3. Technology Implementation

We integrate advanced technology at every stage. Our inventory management systems are implemented to ensure smooth operation and effective monitoring.

4. Reception and Storage

We manage the reception of your products efficiently, registering them in our system. Storage is carried out according to the customized design, ensuring security.

5. Active Inventory Management

We maintain active inventory management, adapting to changes in demand and ensuring product availability when you need it most.

6. Security and Continuous Monitoring

We implement strict security measures and continuously monitor our facilities. The safety of your products is our priority.

Why choose Bitácora for storage services?

Complementary services to transportation

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Our transportation service encompasses a comprehensive and diversified network including land, sea, and air transportation. From pickup to delivery, we ensure efficiency and safety at every stage of your cargo’s journey. Trust us to deliver your products anywhere in the world, quickly and securely.



We design distribution strategies to optimize your supply chain. With a focus on efficiency and reduced delivery times, our distribution solutions ensure that your products reach their destination punctually and in optimal conditions.



We simplify the complex customs process for you. Our team of customs experts ensures impeccable regulatory compliance in import and export operations. From documentation to procedures, we take care of the details so you can focus on growing your business.