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Transportation Services

Bitácora Mobility stands out for offering comprehensive and specialized transportation services to address various logistical and mobility needs. Our offering includes choosing the best mode of transportation among land, sea, and air transport; managing transportation routes at the local and international shipment levels, and coordinating national and international operations.

Backed by leading transportation companies, our services are distinguished by their adaptability, ensuring that the transportation of your products and goods is managed with maximum efficiency and that they arrive at their destination in optimal conditions. By optimizing the transportation process, we reduce delivery times, minimize risks, and improve the overall efficiency of your logistics chain.

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Highlighted transport services

How do we do it? This is how our transportation service works


1. Needs Assessment

We begin each collaboration with a detailed assessment of your logistical needs. We understand your specific requirements, from the nature of the cargo to destinations and timelines, to customize our service offering.

2. Transport Mode Consultation

Based on the assessment, we provide personalized advice on the best mode of transportation, optimal routes, and specific solutions that maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

3. Route and Operations Planning

Our team takes care of detailed route and operations planning. We efficiently coordinate local and international movements, ensuring a seamless logistical flow.

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4.Shipment Management

We provide comprehensive management of your shipments, from loading to unloading. Additionally, you will have access to the location and status of your cargo, making it possible for you to monitor the process.

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5. Tracking

We offer continuous tracking throughout the transportation process. We monitor each stage, anticipate potential challenges, and ensure that any changes are promptly addressed, keeping you informed.

6. Delivery

We conclude our process with the punctual delivery of your cargo at the final destination. The combination of our experience, advanced technology, and commitment to excellence ensures the best results.

Why Choose Bitácora for Transportation Services?

Bitácora Mobility stands out in the transportation services industry for several reasons that make our offering the optimal choice to meet your logistical and business mobility needs:

Additional Services to Transportation


We design distribution strategies to optimize your supply chain. With a focus on efficiency and reduced delivery times, our distribution solutions ensure that your products reach their destination on time and in optimal conditions.


Storage and Inventory Management

In our storage facilities, your products are in good hands. We offer secure storage services, ensuring accessibility and integrity of your products. Our advanced inventory management ensures complete visibility and efficient control of your stock.



We simplify the complex customs process for you. Our team of customs experts ensures flawless regulatory compliance in import and export operations. From documentation to procedures, we take care of the details so you can focus on growing your business.