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Relocation Services

From the initial assessment of your needs, we focus on alleviating the stresses associated with your international mobility project. Housing search, handling legal procedures, and cultural guidance are just a few areas where we excel, providing our clients with the peace of mind that every detail of their relocation is being taken care of.

Our removal services are essential in a dynamic business world, where agility and adaptability are key. We address logistical aspects, emotional and cultural needs, creating a relocation experience that not only solves problems but also generates opportunities. We work to ensure that both individuals and companies can thrive anywhere in the world, transforming global mobility into an enriching and successful experience.

Highlighted Relocation Services

How do we do it? This is how our removal services work

At Bitácora, our methodology ensures an efficient and hassle-free relocation process, backed by a dedicated team of professionals and specialized services designed to exceed our clients’ expectations.


1. Initial Consultation and Assessment

We begin with a detailed consultation to understand our clients’ specific needs. We assess factors such as the destination, housing preferences, and individual circumstances to personalize our approach.

2. Financial, Legal, and Tax Advice

We handle the financial, legal, and tax complexities associated with your global mobility project. From tax planning to regulatory compliance, our relocation team provides detailed advice to ensure a worry-free transition.

3. Designing a Relocation Plan

With the gathered information, our team of relocation experts crafts a detailed and personalized plan. This plan covers everything from housing search to move management, ensuring an action plan that aligns with our clients’ goals.

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4. Implementation of the Relocation Plan

We put the relocation plan into action, implementing the services required by the client such as housing search and securing, legal advice, cultural orientation, and managing their move.


5. Support During Relocation

Throughout the process, we maintain constant communication with our clients, providing regular updates and being available to address any concerns. Our goal is to provide peace of mind and confidence throughout the move.

6. Post-Relocation Follow-Up

We offer post-relocation follow-up to ensure that the adaptation continues successfully. We are committed to providing long-term support to ensure the well-being of our clients in their new environment.

Why choose Bitácora for removal services?

Other global mobility services

Immigration services

Our experience in relocation extends to the field of immigration, offering specialized services that simplify the legal and administrative procedures associated with changing residence. From obtaining visas to managing work permits, our team of immigration experts is dedicated to facilitating the transition to a new horizon with efficiency and legal compliance.

International pet transportation

We understand that pets are an integral part of the family, so we facilitate their safe and comfortable transfer to their new home. Our international pet transportation services ensure that your furry companions receive the same care and attention during the move, ensuring a stress-free transition for them and peace of mind for you.

+ Information about Pets Transportation

International vehicle transport

We facilitate the transfer of your vehicles internationally with specialized transportation services. Whether it is a car, a motorcycle or any other vehicle, we take care of the logistics so that it reaches its destination in optimal conditions. Our efficient and reliable approach ensures that you can enjoy worry-free mobility for both you and your most precious possessions.


Relocation in Spain

Family relocation can be a stressful process for all family members (parents, children, pets), and at Bitácora Mobility we make the process easy and simple.

The Relocation process goes far beyond a simple move (among us, with our experience, a move is not something complex) since you have to move the furniture and family belongings, the pets and even the vehicles that the family wants to include in their new city.

We advise you on the search for housing, schools and services in the new location, and we also help you with documentation and administrative procedures.

Family Relocation

The most common services are finding housing and school for the children.

After arriving in the new city, and in temporary accommodation (hotel or vacation rental), we begin the process of searching for a permanent home. For a couple of weeks we accompany the family to visit the homes available on the market, according to their needs and search criteria.

Once the rental contract is signed, we can begin the search for a school, since it is linked to the educational district where the family will reside. The first step is to register the entire family, as well as obtain the Social Security Health Card.